Auxiliary Lamps

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LeTech - Produkte LED-Scheinwerfer Flood
LED Headlights Nr. 6867

Article no.: 6867

High-performance 4.7° LED floodlight with classic round housing. Seven 7W LEDs in an ultra-light hybrid housing...

LeTech - Produkte LED-Scheinwerfer Spot
LED Headlights Nr. 6868

Article no.: 6868

High-performance 4.7° LED spot light with classic round housing. The individual 25W LED – built in the...

LeTech - Produkte Abdeckung Zusatzscheinwerfer 4,7“
Cover for Additional Headlight 4.7” Nr. 6869

Article no.: 6869

Black synthetic cover for 4.7” LED headlights (article no: 6867/6868). Protection for the headlights from road...

LeTech Produkte - Lightbar
Lightbar Nr. 5505

Article no.: 5505

51” LED Lightbar (approx. 1,300 mm). 27 10W-high-performance LEDs – arranged in one row – work in a robust,...

LeTech Produkte - Scheinwerferbügel für Dachträger bis MJ 2017
Mounting bracket for roof racks up to and including 2017 models Nr. 1014

Article no.: 1014

The mounting bracket enables the safe mounting of additional lights at the front of the roof rack (article no:...

LeTech Produkte - Arbeitsscheinwerfer 82, 200mm
Work Lights 82, 200mm Nr. 1135

Article no.: 1135

LED work lights measuring approx. 200 x 70 x 76 mm. 12 3W high-performance LEDs – arranged in two rows – operate...

LeTech Produkte - Lightbar 20“, 502mm
Lightbar 20”, 502mm Nr. 8447

Article no.: 8447

20” LED Lightbar (approx. 502mm). 15 5W high-performance LEDs – arranged in one row – operate in a robust, dust-...

LeTech Produkte - Suchscheinwerfer mit Fernbedienung
Searchlight with Remote Control Nr. 5933

Article no.: 5933

LED searchlight with wireless remote control. In a black plastic housing, 360° rotatable, inclination...

LeTech Produkte - Scheinwerferbügel „Ex-Schweizer“
Mounting bracket for "Ex-Swiss" Nr. 7028

Article no.: 7028

This mounting bracket is made from steel and perfectly protected from corrosion through cathodic dip coating and...

LeTech Produkte - CAN-BUS-Modul für 463 A
CAN-BUS Module for 463 A Nr. 7384

Article no.: 7384

Electronic control module for the intelligent integration of auxiliary headlights and other accessory functions...