Prototypes / Small Series

Constructing prototypes – manufacturing small series. Innovative LeTech engineering is, for example, included in the G 63 6x6, G500 4x4² und G 650 Landaulet models.

G 63 6x6

Sometimes you just have to run riot. Dare to do something that’s just crossed your mind. That’s exactly the reason why we treated the G-Class to an extra few centimeters and a third axle. The visual appearance of the G 63 6x6 is certainly impressive – the 3-axle vehicle makes an entrance with an extremely wide track. The high-quality shock absorbers of the Swedish chassis specialist “Öhlins” ensure lavish ground clearance and give the driver perfect control over the wheels in all road conditions. The inner values are also convincing: with exquisite materials and custom-fit workmanship. A neat appearance, which cuts an outstanding figure in the rodeo drive as well as during a trip through endless dunes.

G 500 4x4²

We’ve invested all of our expertise into the G 500 4X4². Specially-constructed LeTech portal axels combined with the variable 4x4 drive ensure optimal traction, two adjustable gas pressure shock absorbers per wheel fine-tune this vehicle to dizzying heights. Fenders out of super-light carbon and LED daytime running lights are other features of the G 500 4X4². Altogether, a thoroughbred off-road vehicle which, in combination with the V8 biturbo unit, conjures up a big grin on the faces of both driver and passengers.

G 650 Landaulet

A classic sunroof isn’t enough for you? No problem – we’ve given the G-Class a summer look which is guaranteed to turn people’s heads. The G 650 Landaulet special model with the most exquisite materials, luxurious interior and a multi-layer soft top which can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. The longer wheelbase ensures legroom befitting a car such as this – especially for the back seats –, and the strapping V12 engine offers breathtaking power. Furthermore, the extensive features include electrically extendible running boards, individual seats and TFT screens in the back.