Spare wheel holder G 500 4X4²


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The LeTech spare wheel holder for the G 500 4x4² with 8-hole rims and certain tire sizes offers a practical solution for carrying a fifth wheel on the outside of the vehicle while retaining storage space inside the vehicle.

Article no.: 6085

Our spare wheel holder is the ideal addition for the G 500 4×4², which is supplied without a spare wheel. It allows an additional wheel to be carried on the vehicle, perfectly equipped for unforeseen situations without sacrificing valuable storage space. The bracket can be easily attached to the tailgate and swiveled to the side, distributing the weight evenly between the tailgate and the hinge mounting points. This ensures optimum off-road capability of the vehicle without having to sacrifice the safety of a spare wheel. With its KTL and powder coating, the spare wheel holder is optimally protected against the effects of the weather. Please note that a standard rear door is required for installation, as the tailgate of the G 500 4×4² does not have the necessary attachment points and reinforcements.

Article no.: 5849 Cover for spare wheel holder