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LIGHT UP YOUR TRAIL: LeTech presents the new headlight bracket kit

To defy the darkness away from paved roads, a headlight bracket kit has been developed that has sufficient light output (57600Lm) to make even the remotest corners of the earth visible at night. With the help of a PCU (PowerControlUnit) and the standard switches on the roof control unit, it is possible to switch between five pre-programmed lighting modes in next to no time. This means that the lighting can be optimally adapted to any situation.


The headlight bracket kit is supplied pre-assembled and consists of

  • LeTech PowerControlUnit (PCU): This innovative control unit offers five different light modes and was specially developed for the LeTech headlight bracket. With its anodized aluminium housing and laser-engraved LeTech logo, the PCU is not only functional but also visually appealing.
  • LeTech headlight bracket for round headlights: This bracket offers a secure hold for LED round headlights even in demanding terrain. The robust design ensures that your headlights are always perfectly aligned.
  • LED round headlights in 6 versions: With 9600 lumens per headlight, these LED round headlights offer enormous lighting power. The headlights also have a white and orange daytime running light.


Installation: Fix the headlight bracket to the roof using the screws supplied and then plug in the cables – plug and play. Your headlight bracket is then ready for use.


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Scope of delivery

The headlight bracket kit includes: The LeTech PowerControlUnit (PCU) with various light modes, the LeTech headlight bracket for secure mounting of the 7-inch LED round headlights and the LED round headlights with an impressive light output of 9600 lumens per headlight.

LeTech headlight bracket kit

Light modes

The LeTech PowerControlUnit (PCU) offers the following five different light modes.

Light modes


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