Alloy Wheel „Delta 4×4 Legacy Forged“ silver


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The one-piece forged aluminum wheel "Delta 4x4 Legacy Forged" in silver sets new standards in terms of strength and weight savings for a range of off-road vehicles.

Article No..: 5954

This outstanding wheel, with dimensions of 9J x 18H2 ET 55, a bolt circle of 8/165, and a hub bore of 122.5 mm, was specially designed for off-road vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×42, G 63 AMG 6×6, Maybach G 65 Landaulet, and all LeTech portal axle vehicles with an 8-hole hub. It stands out due to its one-piece forged construction, which ensures the highest strength with minimal weight.

One-piece forging technology is considered the pinnacle in wheel manufacturing and is known for its unique combination of strength and low weight. Delta 4×4 has specialized in this high-quality forging technique for decades, producing wheels with high load capacity and low unsprung mass. Thanks to precise finishing on highly specialized CNC machines, these wheels offer perfect balance and maximum ride stability while operating quietly. The one-piece forged aluminum wheel “Delta 4×4 Legacy Forged” is the ideal choice for demanding off-road enthusiasts seeking the highest quality and performance.