LeTech spare wheel holder


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The LeTech spare wheel holder, suitable for the G-Class (463A) with standard spare wheel, offers an innovative solution to relieve the rear door and at the same time emphasize the off-road look.

Article no.: 7098

If you want to protect your rear door in demanding terrain, the LeTech spare wheel holder is the ideal choice. It distributes the weight of the spare wheel over the rear door hinges and guides it gently into the body structure of your vehicle. However, this holder is not only technically impressive, it also sets visual accents that are much more striking than the standard solution. The spare wheel holder also offers a lockable storage compartment in which you can safely stow recovery straps and gloves, for example. With cathodic dip painting and powder coating, the spare wheel holder is optimally protected against the effects of the weather and gives your vehicle a functional and aesthetic upgrade.

Article no.: 7099 Wheel cover for spare wheel holder