LeTech Suspension


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LeTech Suspension - compatible with Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Article No.: 6106

The LeTech suspension system for the G-Class is the ultimate solution for performance and off-road capability. This set includes:

  • 2 x Front axle coil spring, reinforced and yellow-coated.
  • 2 x Rear axle coil spring, reinforced and yellow-coated, with a progressive characteristic and winding with an inconstant wire diameter.
  • 4 x Twin-tube shock absorbers – manufactured according to the low-pressure principle; with anodized aluminum housing and separate reservoir; triple-adjustable high-performance shock absorber with independent adjustment of the rebound as well as low-speed and high-speed compression damping.
  • 2 x Front axle brake hose.
  • 2 x Rear axle rubber buffer.
  • Made in Germany

Portal axles for the G-Class increase ground clearance and effortlessly tackle off-road challenges. LeTech and the term “portal axles” are often mentioned together. However, the portal axle is not an invention of our own. The portal axle principle has been reliably used in vehicle construction for a long time, especially in vehicles like the “Unimog” or the “Lapplander,” where the construction is implemented in a comparable form. Portal axles provide a higher axle bridge, which is utilized in off-road vehicles to increase ground clearance between the driven wheels, allowing them to overcome obstacles effortlessly.