Protection grille for fog lights on winch bumper


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The protection grilles for fog lights, designed to fit the LeTech winch bumper 1039, provide reliable protection for the exposed fog lights against coarse gravel, branches, and other potential damage.

Article No.: 2992

With their sturdy construction and matte black powder coating, the protection grilles are well-protected against corrosion, ensuring an extended lifespan for your lighting components.

To complete the ready-to-use winch installation, the following articles are included:

Article No. 1039: Winch Bumper 460/461/462 up to MY2017
Article No. 2490: Warn Zeon 10 Winch 12V
Article No. 1416: Engine Skid Plate
Article No. 3584: Overload Protection
Article No. 1282: Cable Window
Article No. 5214: Synthetic Rope with Soft Shackle
Article No. 6985: Winch Relay 12V
Article No. 1074: Fog Lights, Installation Kit

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