Roof rack up to model year 2017 (short wheelbase)


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The LeTech roof rack 463 A for the G-Class up to model year 2017 with a short wheelbase offers an ideal combination of lightweight design, versatility, and customizable mounting to meet your transportation needs.  

Article No.: 6701

The LeTech roof rack for the G-Class with a short wheelbase up to model year 2017 (460/461/463) provides the ideal solution for versatile roof transport. With its lightweight and robust design, it offers a low profile and various mounting options. The dual longitudinal rails allow the secure transport of wider cargo or a rooftop tent. Featuring an aluminum covering, the roof rack is walkable, and the KTL coating with powder coating provides optimal protection against corrosion. A reliable companion for your transportation needs.

Article No.: 1014   Headlight bracket
Article No.: 5505   Lightbar 51″
Article No.: 6349   Cover Lightbar 51″
Article No.: 1135   Work spotlight
Article No.: 1013   Rear ladder holder plate glued
Article No.: 6116   Rear ladder holder plate screwed (only G 350d Professional)
Article No.: 1693   Rear ladder 460 (fuel filler neck at the rear)
Article No.: 6122   Roof rack mounting kit with internal thread
Article No.: 6123   Roof rack mounting kit stud
Article No.: 5395   Roof rack mounting kit with eyelets