Winch Mount 463 from MY 2015


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The LeTech winch mount for the G-Class is the answer to the demands of challenging off-road adventures, ensuring that your G model can always overcome its limits.

Article No.: 5814

Starting from the model year 2015, cooling components for all engine variants of the G-Class were positioned in the area of the front bumper. However, this technically necessary optimization of cooling performance for the engine, transmission, and charge air complicates the installation of an electric winch; the classic LeTech steel winch bumper cannot be installed on these vehicles.

We have developed a modern, reliably sturdy winch carrier that allows for winch installation on the vehicle frame. An adapter kit connects the appropriately cut side sections of the existing bumper with the LeTech winch carrier. This minimizes the installation effort, and furthermore, the position and function of the coolers remain untouched to avoid compromising their effectiveness.

A TÜV certificate is included in the delivery, so you don’t have to worry about the registration. You can also receive a customized winch package after comprehensive consultation with our experienced workshop professionals. The package can then be approved by the TÜV to ensure the highest quality and safety. Get ready for any terrain and every challenge with the winch carrier for your G-Class.

Required for ready-to-use cable winch attachment:
Article no.: 6110 Plastic bumper adapter set or
Article no.: 6111 Steel bumper adapter set (only G 350d Professional with steel bumper)
Article no.: 5815 Engine underride guard
Article no.: 2490 Warn Zeon 10 cable winch
Article no.: 3584 Overload protection
Article no.: 1282 Cable window
Article no.: 5214 Synthetic fiber winch rope with soft shackle
Article no.: 6985 Cable winch relay12V

We recommend the following as a practical addition:
Article no.: 6714 Remote control for Warn Zeon cable winches
Article no.: 6679 Recovery set
Article no.: 1416 Soft shackle10t
Article no.: 1338 Soft shackle7t
Article no.: 1337 Soft shackle12t