Winch Relay 12V


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The 12V winch relay ensures a secure power supply for your electric winch and protects against potential short circuits or fire hazards in the event of damage to the front of the vehicle.

Article No.:6985

The relay enables convenient remote control and, for the G-Class from model year 2019 onwards, can also be manually operated to safely deactivate the circuit to the winch while driving. Additionally, we offer a suitable bracket for easy installation in the engine compartment (Item No.: 7377). If your vehicle has a 24V electrical system, a corresponding variant is also available.

To complete the ready-to-use winch installation, the following articles are included:

Article No. 1039: Winch Bumper 460/461/462 up to MY2017
Article No. 2490: Warn Zeon 10 Winch 12V
Article No. 1416: Engine Skid Plate
Article No. 3584: Overload Protection
Article No. 1282: Cable Window
Article No. 5214: Synthetic Rope with Soft Shackle
Article No. 6985: Winch Relay 12V
Article No. 1074: Fog Lights, Installation Kit

As a practical addition, we recommend:

Article No. 6714: Wireless Remote Control for Warn Zeon Winches
Article No. 6679: Recovery Kit
Article No. 1416: Soft Shackle 10t
Article No. 1338: Soft Shackle 7t
Article No. 1337: Soft Shackle 12t
Article No. 1416: Engine Skid Plate in lieu of Winch Bumper 1039