LeTech is the proven specialist for off-road vehicles. With an excellent team, we make vehicles stronger, smarter and more functional. Take the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, for example. We equip classic cars and new vehicles with all the components needed for a big adventure or an off-road ride. We turn restoration vehicles into safe investments. And we’re the perfect contact for practical accessories.

With Swabian rigor, international engineering competence and the experience of our employees, we realize the whole potential of off-road vehicles. And we often take it a step further. Our slogan
"We stretch the limits" is not mere lip service. You can see this on our website, but we’d also be happy discuss this with you in a personal consultation.


LeTech - Service Kundendienst
Customer Service

In order to sustain the pleasure your G-Class brings you, we offer professional maintenance as well as prompt and regular inspections.

LeTech - Service Reparatur

Previous use has left its traces on your G-Class? No problem – in our garage we offer professional repair work.

LeTech - Service Unfallreparatur
Accident Repair

If your G-Class has had to take some blows, we’ll nurse it back to health with our professional LeTech accident repair service. We offer professional...

LeTech - Service Montage

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class ranks among the most versatile off-road vehicles of all time. And with the right additional features, the legendary...

LeTech - Service Restauration

If you want to start off on a great adventure without a head-up display, radar sensors or active cruise control; if you don’t need a driver assistant...

Special Vehicles

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge Messe- & Showfahrzeuge

Prototypes/Small Series

G 63 6x6 | G 500 4x4² | G650 Landaulet

Constructing prototypes – manufacturing small series. Innovative LeTech engineering is, for example, included in the G63 6x6, G500 4x4² and G 650 Landaulet models.

LeTech G-Klasse Individual Lennson C

G-Class Individual

G-Class individual

The Lennson C is our interpretation of a four-wheel drive vehicle for universal use. Special features include LeTech portal axles, tires befitting of the vehicle, a winch bumper with...

LeTech - G-Klasse Individual G300CDI 6x6 Einzelkabine

G-Class 6x6 Individual

G300CDI 6x6 Einzelkabine

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge Reise & Expedition Lennson 3C

Travel & Expedition

Lennson 3C

A vehicle like that makes a statement. Independent and flexible. When classic mobile homes are giving up, the Lennson 3C is only just warming up. Our reply to the demand for all-terrain...

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge Rallye & Off-Road Lennson TT

Rallye & Off-Road

Lennson TT

No bells and whistles, but a vehicle consistently trimmed for racing. With the Lennson CC we show what the G-Class can do when pushed to the limit. As there are entirely different...

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge - Bodyguard XXL

G-Class Bodyguard


Functional features inside – muscular appearance outside. The G-Class “Bodyguard XXL” is a significantly longer vehicle whose main task it is to provide support when escorting vehicle...

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge - Ex-Militär Puch230GE / Wolf


Puch230GE / Wolf

LeTech Sonderfahrzeuge Militär - Patrol Vehicle


Patrol Vehicle

It’s no secret that LeTech technology is also installed in patrol vehicles. Of course we keep the details secret, but we can reveal this much: Our expertise has proven itself many times.


LeTech Egineering Entwicklung

From the idea to the product. We develop intelligent solutions for the bodywork, chassis, and prototype construction in close cooperation with our...

LeTech Engineering Konstruktion

Getting the best out of vehicles, LeTech competence for large-scale production and small-series projects. As a specialist in field-tested...


LeTech Fertigung Serienfertigung
Series Production

We produce precision parts – such as components for the automotive industry – diligently, quickly and with the highest quality. Thanks to...

LeTech Fertigung Montage

Components and functional units are pre-assembled by us and put on carriers or in transport boxes ready for dispatch and prepared for installation.

LeTech Fertigung - Qualität

Components must fulfill the highest quality criteria. As a company which is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard,...

LeTech Fertigung Metallbau
Metal Construction

We provide the mechanical processing of metals for our customers (turning, milling, grinding) as well as all welding work in all kinds of welding...


LeTech Produkte Dachträger & Zubehör
LeTech - Produkte Ersatzradhalter
LeTech - Produkte Fahrwerk
LeTech - Produkte Portalachsen
LeTech Produkte Räder
LeTech Produkte Scheinwerfer
LeTech Produkte Seilwinden & Stossstangen
LeTech Produkte – Stauboxen, Ordnung & Sauberkeit
LeTech Produkte Trittbretter & Unterfahrschutz

About us

LeTech – special purpose vehicles is a highly-qualified partner for G-Class enthusiasts, private collectors, special vehicle manufacturers and renowned automotive groups. In a short time, LeTech has become synonymous with G-Class competence so the original company site in Winnenden was soon bursting at the seams. An area big enough for expansion could be found just outside the metropolitan area of Stuttgart, in Welzheim-Breitenfürst...


+++ UPDATE: Der Genfer Autosalon 2020 wurde offiziell abgesagt. Informationen über die Weltneuheit BRABUS 800 Adventure XLP gibt’s stattdessen auf den Social Media Kanälen von BRABUS (https:...

LeTech Wolf 2.0: Zuverlässiger Klassiker

Der Wolf 250GD zählt ohne Zweifel zu den zuverlässigsten Versionen der G-Klasse. Die nahezu störungsfreie Technik bewährt sich im täglichen Einsatz. Mit der Investition in eine umfangreiche...