Lightbar 51″


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The LeTech 51" LED light bar (approximately 1,300 mm) with 27 high-performance LEDs provides 20,393 lumens (effective) and a long-range thanks to the IRIS reflector technology. The robust aluminum housing is dust and waterproof (IP68), and the light bar is compatible with voltages from 11-32V.

Article No.: 5505

The LeTech 51″ LED light bar (approximately 1,300 mm) allows you to make a bold statement in vehicle lighting. This impressive light bar features 27 10W high-performance LEDs arranged in a robust, dust, and waterproof aluminum housing. Protected by a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, this light bar, with a 5° beam angle, generates a light output of 20,393 lumens (effective), providing excellent illumination. With IRIS reflector technology, it offers an impressive range and wide illumination of the surroundings. Please note that due to its intense brightness and range, it is not permitted for use on public roads. Instead, protect it with our optional black plastic cover from dirt and stone impact and enjoy the fluorescent logo in the dark. Enhance your visibility and safety in off-road conditions or nighttime tasks with this impressive LED light bar.

Artikel-Nr.: 1014   Headlight bracket for the roof rack
Artikel-Nr.: 6349   Cover Lightbar 51″